This ingenious black comedy will prick your conscience

* * * * * Theatreworld

Beautiful, heartbreaking and comical. 

It is a crucial and relevant piece of theatre, questioning society's values and provoking audiences. 

This is something more than theatre, this is real.

* * * * The Scotsman

It's going to make you feel something. Which is exactly what theatre should do

* * * * Spy in the Stalls

A high calibre of acting is needed to pull this off and the cast more than deliver. With each of them multi-rolling, we are offered intricate and compelling characterisations

* * * * BroadwayWorld




Absolutely terrific. It brilliantly exposes the idiocy of the commodification of higher education, academic "politicians" and the toll it takes on dedicated, passionate teachers. I laughed - a lot - but blood ran cold a few times

Annie Tyson, Director

A haunting, humorous play about the dying romance of the English Liberal Arts University, and the passionate idealism that powers it

Pamela Edwards, Methuen Drama

A big, bold and angry play. My instinct is Conny Templeman is about to end her long silence and make us sit up and think

Rob Ritchie, former Literary Manager at the Royal Court

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