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About: About Us

Écoute Theatre is an award-winning verbatim theatre company with bases in both Bristol and London. We create inventive and challenging pieces of theatre that shine a light on pockets of society that usually go unheard.

"Verbatim" literally means "in exactly the same words as were used originally". So all the text in our plays comes from interviews we have conducted around the UK. We don't have a "writer" in the typical sense, as none of the script is written - it's been transcribed from hours of interviews and structured into a form that makes it work dramatically. Basically, we're as close to documentary theatre as it gets.

Our Purpose

Real people, Real stories

We search to find the truth behind the news headlines, revealing the stories of people who have become part of the facts and figures.

From interviews, news articles and political speeches, we create dynamic, informative and inventive pieces of theatre in a form dissimilar from any other. We pride ourselves in the rigour of our performers and creatives, and the skill at which each production is crafted.

Each person that we interview can choose to have complete anonymity should their account be used in the final production. We aren't here to name and shame those who have entrusted us with their stories, we are here to listen to experiences from all pockets of society in a safe and open space.

About: Our Mission

Our History

Écoute Theatre is a female creative team run by Zoe Templeman-Young and Sam McLaughlin.

Both Warwick graduates, they went on to train professionally at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland respectively. They have continued working together over the past 7 years, making bold and exciting work that challenges the status quo and puts real stories centre stage.

Zoë Templeman-Young : Artistic Director and Dramaturg

Zoë trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Her professional credits as an actress include Alex, Mary Stuart (Almeida, Robert Icke), Sister, Pornography (Dana Segal), Maria, Breathe (Lucrezia Pollice).

Her directing credits include Take Care, It's Beautiful Over There, Risk Assessment.

Sam McLaughlin : Company Director and Dramaturg

Sam trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since graduating she has moved back to her hometown of Bristol and has juggled working as a professional carer with acting jobs. Sam has worked with Bard in the Botanics, Northeast Producers and Up The Ante Theatre Co. and is currently touring with 4Front Theatre. She is also performing as part of Bristol Improv Theatre’s new show: The Bish Bosh Bash. She is part of the company of actors in Écoute.

About: Our History
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