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Many thanks to our generous donors and supporters

Prasnah Puwanarajah, Diane Law, Andrew Dennis, Swindon Fringe, Tom Ziebell, Sally Mesham, Katharine, The Youngs, Felicity Green, The Wheatons, Eleanor Tata, James, Caroline Steinsberg Aimee Lou Wood, Emma Johnson, Joshua James, Lesley Hastings, Nick, Lisa VillaMil, Rebecca Singer, Caitlin Cambell, Tim Whitton, Joanathan Skinner, Becky J, Freddy Carter, Kit Young, Penelope Dearsley, Charlotte Christie, Laura Gingell, Alice, Conny Templeman, Ruth Hamburgh, Arts Council England, Pound Arts, Camden Carers Centre, Old Diorama Arts Centre, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Warwick University, Upstart, Hannah Tookey, Miriam Edwards


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