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Many thanks to our generous donors and supporters

Our Supporters

Prasnah Puwanarajah, Diane Law, Andrew Dennis, Swindon Fringe, Tom Ziebell, Sally Mesham, Katharine, The Youngs, Felicity Green, The Wheatons, Eleanor Tata, James, Caroline Steinsberg Aimee Lou Wood, Emma Johnson, Joshua James, Lesley Hastings, Nick, Lisa VillaMil, Rebecca Singer, Caitlin Cambell, Tim Whitton, Joanathan Skinner, Becky J, Freddy Carter, Kit Young, Penelope Dearsley, Charlotte Christie, Laura Gingell, Alice, Conny Templeman, Ruth Hamburgh, Arts Council England, Pound Arts, Camden Carers Centre, Old Diorama Arts Centre, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Warwick University, Upstart, Hannah Tookey, Miriam Edwards

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As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the support from the public sector to be able to carry on creating our shows. Our productions take us all over the country and our mission is to speak with every person who contacts us with an experience to share. With your help we will be able to continue doing this.

This year we received nearly 3k from public crowdfunding for the VAULT Festival run of Take Care. On top of this Arts Council England awarded Ecoute a 10k grant for the project

This gave us:

- 1 sound designer

- 1 lighting designer

- 4 professional actors

- Room hire

- Costume/Props

- Outreach work in the community around London

Last year we were also awarded ACE funding, to R&D Take Care at Pound Arts Theatre in Corsham.

During the R&D we arranged a carers forum with care givers from the surrounding area of Wiltshire, and were able to provide a safe, open space in which carers could share their stories and hear each other's experiences.

We also were able to organise a school workshop with Corsham Academy, allowing students from 16-18 yrs old to experience what it is like to work with a professional theatre company. We introduced them to the world of verbatim, as well as the world of care.

All this was made possible by the funding we received. Any donation will go a long way and if you leave your contact details we can send you updates on what your donation has helped fund.

Thank you,

The Écoute Team x

Support Us: Support Us
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