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Our Fundraising Campaign

Take Care @ VAULT Festival 2020

We need your help

Take Care 
has been programmed for a 1 week run at the highly competitive VAULT Festival.

Unfortunately we were not successful in our Arts Council bid, and so are now in desperate need of the kindness of strangers. You can help fund a production that puts the stories of carers for older people centre stage, providing a platform for a group who people who usually go unheard and unseen. 

Take Care tells the real life, behind the scene stories of people who work in the care industry. Specifically, the care industry for older people.

The play follows the story of Pam, a woman on a mission to make her mother’s end of life care better. Along the way we meet a melee of characters, all involved in some way in the care system - and each with a story to tell. It is a darkly humorous play that lifts the lid on growing old in this country, and the people who will look after us.

Take Care has been crafted from over sixty interviews taken over five years. Every single word in the play is word for word what someone said to us in an interview. It is an incredibly socially political piece of theatre that grabs the attention of both carers and non-carers alike, and starts an open conversation about growing old and caring.

What the funds go towards

We need to be able to pay our cast and creatives. They make incredible, professional, detailed work that deserves to be recognised with a good enough fee. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on fundraising to be able to keep creating our award-winning work

How you can help

You can help by donating. Every little helps and we would be so incredibly grateful for any small amount you can afford.

And finally, why this production?

By being able to put Take Care on, together we can raise awareness of the need to improve the care system in this country - we all want to grow old, but right now, it doesn't look like such a good prospect.

By funding Take Care, you would be echoing our belief that carers need to be heard, that their issues and stories can help shape a better care system, and that the work they do is invaluable to society.

Our fundraising campaign will run till March 15th, 2020

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runs from 10th - 15th March, 2020 at The Network Theatre, VAULT Festival