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Take Care (The Unheard Stories) : A Series

Airing from 26th November, 2020

Welcome to the wonderful, hilarious, messy world of caring!

Take Care (The Unheard Stories) is a filmed docudrama series that tells the real life stories of people who work in and around the care system for older people.

From Graham: an activity coordinator who accidentally starts a spaghetti fight in a care home, to Lin: a daughter whose mother keeps forgetting she has cancer, to Anya: a Russian carer who keeps getting proposed to. Take Care (The Unheard Stories) takes you on a journey through the care world, starting back in 2014 and ending in the present day, including the effect that Covid-19 and lockdown has had on carers and their loved ones.

The text in the series comes from all the interviews we've collected over the years with real people, played by an incredibly exciting and talented cast of actors. So don't be fooled into thinking this isn't real life - it is, just with a bit of anonymity thrown in!

Take Care (The Unheard Stories) comes off the back of our stage production, Take Care. The series features never-before-heard stories as well as extended accounts from much loved interviews which featured in the stage play.

The series is free to watch on our YouTube Channel, just click the link below!

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The Cast

Meet our brilliant cast:

(from top left) Jamael Westman, Lia Williams, Jordon Stephens, Saffron Coomber, Freddie Carter, Alice Cozza, Charlotte Keith, Matthew Blaney, Clara Onyemere, Letty Thomas, Kit Young, Valerie Vansovica, Alfie Webster, Eleanor De Rohan, Corinne Walker, Sophie Kisilevsky, Ed Davis, Polly Misch, Agatha Elwes, Jack Condon, Catherine Dryden, Conor Mannion, Isabelle Della Porta, Theo Ancient, Danny Hughes, Leaphia Darko, Thom Petty, Miriam Edwards, Fred Fergus

Our Series: About Us

Series Director: Zoë

“Working with such a diverse and talented cast we were able to create whole worlds out of single, isolated interviews. I’m extremely proud that we have produced a unique, hugely entertaining and compelling series to watch. For an audience there is something so special about knowing all the words come directly from real people. It creates a whole different kind of experience - it’s intimate, nuanced and completely addictive.”

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Sound in the Series

Meet the Music Men

Matt Kirk is our sound designer. He is a signed producer, DJ and composer and previously designed the sound on our stage production of Take Care.

Kit Young has composed the Theme Music for the series. He is an actor, writer and musician.

Our Series: About Us

Company Director: Sam

“When we started making this six years ago, it seemed pretty on-the-nose. Now it’s almost essential viewing. We all Clapped For Carers, we all called them heroes. Now we’re giving everyone the chance to get to know the real people behind the news headlines - to laugh and cry with them, to get angry with them, to want to change things for them.”

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